Depressive Disorders - Colorado

Creating lasting coping mechanisms for young adults

Everyone feels down-and-out at some point in their lives, but depression is a much more severe, persistent feeling of sadness and worthlessness that keeps individuals from participating in formerly pleasurable activities. Often times, those who suffer from depression will self-medicate so that they may take back the loss of control within their lives. The result is generally a co-occurring disorder as the individual becomes addicted to those self-prescribed drugs and alcohol.

Making matters more complicated is the fact that drugs or alcohol may precipitate depression by altering brain chemistry. The effects of intoxication or withdrawal can resemble the signs of a depressive disorder that can lead to improper diagnosis of having depression in acute, detox settings. This is why participating in a six-month long program benefits clients who experience symptoms of depressive disorders as we are able to incrementally work with each person over the course of six months to discover whether or not a diagnosed depressive disorder is valid.

At Peaks Recovery Centers we realize that drugs and alcohol abuse manifest themselves differently for men and women. Given our gender-specific model of care, both Serenity Peaks and Triple Peaks offer a safe environment of care for developing coping mechanisms for the underlying depressive disorder so that drugs and alcohol are no longer needed to provide a sense of control over their lives. If you know someone who has been unable to manage their young adult lives due to an underlying depressive disorder that has manifested itself into a drug or alcohol addiction, Serenity Peaks and Triple Peaks can help.