Bipolar Disorder - Colorado

Relief from Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a treatable mental-illness marked by extreme changes in mood, thought, energy and behavior. There are several variations of bipolar disorder with no single remedy yet available to treat the disorder in whole. However, medications may be indicated for men and women with this diagnosis as well as other effective treatment methods.

At Peaks Recovery, we treat mental health symptoms by illuminating various coping mechanisms for dealing with the challenges bipolar disorder presents our clients. Should medication be necessary, our Medical Director is available to support this intervention.

Many people with bipolar disorder are tempted to abuse drugs and alcohol to relieve the troubles caused by the condition. If someone becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol to help cope with or alleviate the symptoms of their bipolar disorder, this is known as having a co-occurring disorder. At Peaks Recovery Centers we understand that drug use and abuse manifests itself differently for men and women and treating co-occurring disorders involves tackling both problems at once.

Given our gender-specific model of care, Peaks Recovery Centers offers a safe environment for developing coping mechanisms that address the underlying bipolar disorder so that drugs and alcohol are no longer needed to provide a sense of control over their lives. If you know someone who has been unable to manage their young adult lives due to an underlying bipolar disorder that has manifested itself into a drug and alcohol addiction, Serenity Peaks and Triple Peaks can help.