Anxiety Disorders - Colorado

Anxiety Disorders and Peaks Recovery Centers

Anxiety disorders are a category of mental health disorders characterized by feelings of anxiety and fear. Anxiety often manifests itself as a worry resulting from a past or future event, where fear becomes a natural reaction to those events. Whether the worry is derived from issues of health, money, family, work, or school, there may be no obvious reason for why a person is becoming increasingly anxious about those events. A person who suffers from anxiety generally expects issues to end in disaster rather than being able to foresee positive outcomes, which may ultimately lead to panic attacks.

Though anxiety is normally framed as a negative experience, some anxiety is actually necessary for our survival. For example, anxiety can help motivate individuals to escape dangerous situations or encourage a person to be fully prepared for an upcoming business presentation. However, for individuals who suffer from an anxiety disorder, their feelings of worry and fear become exacerbated to a point that it becomes so detrimental and disruptive that the individual cannot lead a normal life. This lack of normality may lead an individual to use and even abuse drugs and alcohol with the underlying desire to control their overwhelming emotions.

Though the desire to use drugs and alcohol to cope with an anxiety disorder may be paved with good intentions, the reality is that the more we use drugs and alcohol to cope with the underlying anxiety disorder, the more likely the individual will develop a co-occurring disorder which complicates long-term recovery.

At Peaks Recovery Centers we realize that drugs and alcohol abuse manifests itself differently for both men and women; especially when individuals suffer from anxiety disorder. Given our gender-specific model of care, both Serenity Peaks and Triple Peaks offer a safe environment of care for developing coping mechanisms for the underlying anxiety disorder so that drugs and alcohol are no longer needed to provide a sense of control over their lives. If you know someone who has been unable to manage their young adult lives due to an underlying anxiety disorder that has manifested itself into a drug and alcohol addiction, Serenity Peaks and Triple Peaks can help.